Women for Terri Hill


These women endorse Terri and stand in support of her campaign and her awesomeness.

* Margaret Ann Nolan * LaVarne Burton * Marie Johnson * Sandra Brown * Beth Woodland-Hargrove * Tracey Williams * Donna Hill Staton * Lindsay Staton * Ethel Hill * Nellie Hutt * Dottie Moore * Patricia McPherson * Patricia Thomas * Ruena Blake * Sonja Hamada Blake * Rae Millman * Lisa Walker * Mary Cannon * Claudia Friend * Marilyn Collins * Rachel Qualls * Mary Catherine Cochran * Joy Goodie * Yolanda Charon * Leisa Chester Weir * Becca Niburg * Yetta Roggerson * Vivian Moore Lawyer * Mae Beale * Pearl Thomas * Cheryl Glover * Joyce Stanley * Jenell Trigg * Amanda M. Brown * Malisha Pate * Barbara Miller * Jerry Hunter * Eloise Lee * Betty Glasco * Maura Dunnigan * Mae Beale * Claudia Friend * Marie Johanon * Charlotte Hardnett * Mamie Perkins * Ann Goldscher * Eileen Tennor * Wendy Harp * Beverly Morgan-Gardaya * Cathy Blackwell * Marcia Marcellus * Angela Brade * Toni Cook * Nancy Kirby * Barbara Parker * Melvina Brown * Dawn Seestedt *

Susan Wolf TurnbullVice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, former Maryland Democratic Party Chair

Dr. Terri Hill would be a remarkable addition to the Maryland Congressional delegation representing the 7th District. Maryland needs Terri, a strong progressive woman who isn’t afraid to speak truth to power,” says Turnbull. “As a physician and an experienced legislator, Terri will bring the skills needed to help us solve some of our most urgent issues – health care and climate change. Her background and expertise on what families need would be invaluable. On February 4, I hope you’ll vote to put this talented woman in Congress and a Doctor in the House.

Jen TerrasaMD State Delegate

I got to see first-hand Terri’s leadership style when she led the Howard County Delegation last session. Her success, as Chair, in getting local legislation passed was critical to Howard County and her continuing advocacy for statewide legislation that provides better access to health care for Maryland residents is something I really value. Her perspective as a practicing physician gives her a unique advantage when it comes to healthcare legislation. She has a consistent moral compass, and it’s always pointed in the direction of progressive values.

Liz WalshHoward County Council

If you want an experienced legislator, a woman who is a fighter, who is a fierce advocate . . . who has stepped out because it is a calling, then you want Terri Hill.

Ed CochranScientist, Former Howard County Executive

Terri Hill’s analytical, evidence-based approach to legislation is a result of her extraordinary background in science, engineering, and medicine. These characteristics have been well demonstrated by her performance in the Maryland legislature. Terri has precisely the talents and skills most needed by Congress as it addresses crucial national issues like national health insurance, climate change, and many others. I’ve known Terri for many years and I’ve found her to be a woman of strength and integrity, a worthy successor to Elijah Cummings. I enthusiastically endorse her as the candidate of choice for the Congressional District 7 seat.

Clarence Lam, Eric Ebersole, Jessica FeldmarkMD District 12 Legislators

Senator Clarence Lam, Delegate Eric Ebersole and Delegate Jessica Feldmark announced their support on social media with joint coordinating statements: “I am pleased to join…. in endorsing our colleague and State Legislative District 12 teammate, Delegate Terri Hill, in her campaign to represent Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. Terri is a bright and innovative legislator, and we know she would serve the constituents of District 7 with the same compassion, commitment, and thoughtful consideration that she demonstrates daily in her current role as Delegate. If you’d like to learn more about Terri’s campaign, get involved, or make a donation, please visit www.terrihillforcongress.com.”