Terri came to our community 50 years ago when her family moved to the promising new town of Columbia. Terri’s parents were strong civil rights advocates who instilled in her the importance of education and opportunity. After attending Howard County’s public schools and graduating from Wilde Lake High School, Terri received a degree in bioelectric engineering from Harvard University – one of only three African American women in her major. She then received her medical degree from the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.

After her residency, Terri came home to set up her practice and grow her small business. For almost 30 years Terri has treated patients in our community and seen firsthand the barriers to care her patients face.

In 2014, Terri felt a pull to do more. She saw the opportunity to create real and meaningful change, not just as a doctor but by changing the system itself. So she ran for office, and since 2014 has served as a Maryland State Delegate for District 12, which includes parts of Howard County and Baltimore County.
Dr. Hill has crafted and fought for legislation that addresses disparities in healthcare and provides opportunities for everyone.

Although her focus has been on healthcare, her legislative successes extend to housing, education, the environment and improving the lives of the underserved. In the most recent session, her successful efforts included legislation to improve access to prescription drugs for patients with chronic illnesses, the creation of programs and funding mechanisms to assist seniors wishing to stay in their homes, access to HIV prevention medication for minors, and to protect us from contaminated water.

Ensuring that every person has access to opportunity, safe housing, strong schools, a healthy environment and good, affordable healthcare – these are the things that Terri has been working for, and these are the things that are central to her vision for the people of Maryland’s 7th Congressional District.